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Go Ahead, Fuck My Wife

Allison’s a tall, buxom brunette explaining the virtues of swinging to make their relationship better to her newly wedded, former slut girlfriend. When the husbands return, the girls suggest swapping, and the new hubby decides to let majority rule. So, switching partners, his wife and the other husband move to watch as he kisses Allison, whose hand goes straight to his crotch. She’s soon sucking his titanic tool with sluttish relish. Reciprocating, he licks her shaved snatch, igniting her carnal fires. Fueling her hedonistic inferno, he thrusts his towering timber into her garden of lecherous longings with fiery ardor as she moans and screams in orgiastic exultation, swiftly detonating a volcanic orgasm. With her pussy impaled on his dork in reverse cowgirl, she slams her cunt onto him with fiery, feral fervor. Continuing her wanton ride in cowgirl, her full, round ass gallops on his dong to a depraved paradise as screaming, banshee-like orgasms run rampant. Fucking her like a bitch in heat in doggie, he rams his potent prick into her with savage fury as she squeals and screams in perpetual, primal, orgasmic liberation. Continuing his pussy barrage in spoon, he brutishly drills his dick into her, perpetuating her fierce orgasmic deluge. He pile drives his tool into her in missionary with ferocious, barbarous thrusts before returning to cowgirl, where her unbridled, all-consuming passions erupt in an explosive orgasm before he unleashes a geyser of goo into her mouth and all over her face.

Length: 35 Minutes Pics: 713