Husband Gifts His Wife a Big Black Cock

May Akemi

Don't worry if you can't understand Portuguese, because the relationship dynamic between May and her husband really doesn't need much explanation, not after you see how excited he is to 'surprise' her with the presence of a black stranger casually standing bollock-naked at the bottom of their pool. The 'man' is a cuckold, unabashedly so, and he loves nothing more than to watch his cute tanned wife get her tight holes annihilated by strangers, especially if they happen to be black. May seems a bit confused, but she's more than happy to try out the guy's dong in front of her overly-enthusiastic partner. Things get so hot towards the finale, that hubby finds it hard not to join in for some DP action, only to leave the sweet blonde pushing two creampies out of her asshole at the end.

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