Wife Gets an Assful, Hubby Gets an Eyeful

Valentina Ross

Valentina’s a smoking hot, tall, European MILF with long, dark red hair. She and her devoted husband talk a black guy they bump into on the street into coming back to their apartment to fulfill her insatiable need to be filled and drilled with black cock, which is an offer he can’t refuse. Back at their abode, she wastes little time in freeing the guy’s colossal, black meat baton and sucking it with the insatiable hunger of a true cock-addicted slut. She not only gives a blow job that could bring the dead back to life, but she blows him with the look of a woman who receives a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment doing what she loves as her attentive hubby looks on with loving admiration. With their swarthy Lothario having had his tool well-lubed, he starts to lay that big black pipe up her juice box in spoon, pounding her pretty pussy with such intensity that she quickly explodes in a screaming orgasm, but that is just a prelude of things to come. Unlike the current trend of shaved, bald snatches, she has a closely cropped, fury triangle of a landing strip to guide any nearby tools into her hungry cock-receptacle. Wanting to kick it into overdrive, her ebony lover slides his monster cock up her backdoor, drilling her asshole while her hubby fingers and licks her engorged monster clit, which is already standing at attention like a sentry, watching this decadent debacle take place in her nether regions as it unfolds. This demanding, greedy bitch can’t get enough: no matter how many times she cums, she keeps demanding that he give her more, fucking her harder and faster with his massive, black battering ram. Wanting to give her hubby better access to her towering clit so he can continue licking and fingering her while this inky, the black meat missile fires up her ass in an anal reverse cowgirl, just inches away from his dutiful tongue. A dominant bitch who loves it hard and rough, after getting into doggie she orders the stud to pulverize her asshole, while demanding that husband, who has crawled underneath, to keep licking her monster clit while the black jackhammer pounds her backdoor, which keeps her cumming like a freight train. Her big, beautiful, round ass looks gorgeous as the dude pounds her hard and fast as he can. They must have read my mind, because they move back to an anal spoon, with her husband fingering and licking her titanic clit, which I just had to see again, until the black guy blows a big, creamy load all over her pubic patch, which her husband dutifully licks up so he can feed it back into her mouth for a snowballing kiss.

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