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Mature Housewife Getting Plugged

Eva Ann has a voluptuous body, sublime T & A, and long silky smooth jet black hair that drapes across her creamy white skin, framing her big beautiful hypnotic eyes, which twinkle like stars in the night, reflecting a sultry, truly slutty sexual gluttony that men hunger for. After a few drinks, one could mistake her for Angelina Jolie’s slutty sister, if she had one. A brief get-to-know-you talk establishes Eva and her husband as a married couple in which the wife likes to fuck other men while hubby watches. A muscular stud enters to wet her appetite, and she can’t get to her knees fast enough to inhale his massive man-missile with the expertise and unbridled desire that only a MILF can give, as her hapless hubby watches her savoring, licking and sucking cock like a horny prison bitch who hasn’t had a dick in twenty years. With her fire now lit, she pushes her fun bags together so he can give her the fast, furious titty fuck that she so desperately desires. Returning the favor, he lays her back, spreading her creamy white thighs wide to lick and finger her pretty shaved snatch. Once she is dripping wet, moaning with lust, and kneeling on the floor in front of him, he slams his huge pile driver of a cock into her ravenous quim, making her squeal with delight. Engulfed in the rapture of her obsessive desire, this wanton bitch-in-heat’s only thought is to keep him slamming that big fat cock into her as she begs for more, greedily cumming again and again. Taking control, she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl so we can really appreciate what a truly spectacular body she has, like a sculpted alabaster Goddess of lust and desire. As he slams his cock into her faster and harder, fanning the flames of that fiery lust, this insatiable strumpet looks more like the Goddess of Cumming on Big Cocks. Warning: her screaming, gut wrenching orgasms are so intense that you need to be prepared to lower the volume, or blow your eardrums. Her stud pushes her to the floor on all fours at her husband’s feet for some hard, fast doggie pounding from behind while she begs him to fuck her harder and faster and continues cumming so many times that I lost count. He finally pulls out and jacks off into her open mouth. She savors licking and sucking every drop off his cock, coating her big pouty lips with the sticky residue, then shows off her jism filled reservoir to her husband. We end with a close up of her contented countenance, with a big, happy, & satiated cum-junky smile painted across it.

Length: 31 Minutes Pics: 98