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Mrs. Belle is Fucked

Brooke wants to fuck a porn star while her husband Jake watches, so the couple has come to the home of Dave, the world’s oldest porn producer. Dave introduces Brooke to professional stud Eric Swiss, and Eric wastes no time in getting down to business. He hikes up Brooke’s dress and starts things off by licking her puckered asshole. Then Eric pulls out his erect cock and slams it into Brooke’s wet pussy and bones her from behind while she and husband Jake kiss and make goo-goo eyes. She moans with pleasure as the thick dick works its way in and out of her succulent slit, and then she drops to her knees and blows the guy’s bone pussy2mouth. After deep throating Eric’s hard dick, she sits him down on the sofa and climbs on top of his pulsing pecker for some sensuous cowgirl fucking—both front and reverse. Next Brooke lays back and takes the porn stud’s rigid rod back up her quivering love-hole in missionary position, and her husband watches intently as the cock disappears up her canal. Finally, Eric pulls out, beats off on Brooke’s face, and says to husband Jake, “I’m so done with your wife.” Jake tells Dave that he got just what he wanted, but one could be forgiven for thinking that it’s really Eric who should be saying that.

Length: 18 Minutes Pics: 357