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Dick From a Stranger

Sexy blond Katy and her husband Thomas have been married a couple of years now, but Katy wants to have sex with other men—especially men with large dicks. Thomas is dead set against it, but they’re at porn producer Giorgio’s studio, so we know what’s going to happen, don’t we? Katy shows off her big butt for the camera as studly Neil enters the scene and strips off her clothes. Within moments, she’s on her knees sucking on his protruding pecker with her luscious red lips. She pumps Neil’s cock in and out of her mouth as her husband tries not to look. Then Neil puts her on all fours on the sofa right next to Thomas and slides his massive tool into her tight pussy for some hard fucking that her husband would rather not see. Neil sits down beside Thomas next and has Katy climb aboard for some reverse cowgirl action, and his rod reaming out her cunt is quite a sight to see. Her husband sits stone-faced as Katy then spins around on the stud’s dick and gets her twat plugged in cowgirl position. Next, Neil lays her on her back with her head in Thomas’s lap as he jams his shaft back into her sloppy hole for more brazen balling, this time missionary style. Finally, Neil jacks off on Katy’s tongue. She turns to show Thomas her spermy face, and he looks like he’s just about ready to cry!

Length: 26 Minutes Pics: 207