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Gabrielle Gucci

Porn producer Giorgio wants to shoot married couple Gabrielle and Alex in a sex scene, but Gabrielle decides she’d rather have a big black dick to work with instead of Alex’s small package. Giorgio’s production assistant Franco happens to fit the bill—black, with a huge penis—so Alex is swapped out for Franco, and the fun begins (for everyone except Alex, that is). Gabrielle starts off with a blowjob, and her lips look really good working their way along Franco’s enormous prick. He strips off her clothing and slides his fat cock into her yearning cunt as she kneels on the sofa and her husband looks on helplessly. Then Franco sits down and draws Gabrielle on top of him reverse cowgirl style so he can ram his black shaft in and out of her wet white pussy fast and hard. She spins around to cowgirl position, and continues to work her juicy snatch on Franco’s massive boner while Alex hangs his head low in shame. Finally, Gabrielle lays back on the sofa and takes Franco’s swollen tool all the way up her fuck hole missionary style, and then he pulls out and cums in her mouth. Alex looks like a deer in the headlights as his wife lets the black guy’s sperm run down her chin.

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