Fucking Mrs. Moore

Allison Moore

Married couple Allison and Flynn have long fantasized about Allison’s fucking a porn stud while Flynn watches, so they’ve come to—who else?—aging porn producer Dave. Legendary woodsman Marc Davis enters the scene and wastes no time getting started, rubbing Allison’s pussy and then sucking on her toes. He pulls off her panties and licks her juicy cunt as Allison moans with pleasure, then he finger-fucks her to a shattering orgasm. Now Marc’s dick comes out, and Allison gives him a wonderful blowjob, with lots of tender, loving care. But the main event can’t be put off forever, so Marc sits on the sofa and Allison rides him reverse cowgirl style, his stiff cock pounding in and out of her wet twat. She lays on her back to take some more cock in missionary position before jumping back on Marc for some cowgirl balling as her husband looks on with approval. Finally, Marc jacks off on Allison’s tongue and chin, and Flynn thanks him for fucking his wife so long and well.

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