Szilvia Fansy

Szilvia Fansy

Nationality Russia
Date of Birth March 31st, 1984
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Carnal Cutie Masturbates

Szilvia, a stunning, tall, saucy young wench with brown hair worn in pig tails, olive skin, long lean legs, full round breasts, and the most mischievously seductive smile, is wearing a short, plaid schoolgirl dress and pink bobby socks in this solo masturbation scene. She fondles herself for the camera, playing with her pert nipples and spanking her inimitable, firm, round ass hard. Seductively, she sucks her fingers to wet them so she can play with her shaved snatch, fingering her engorged clit as she moans ecstatically. Obsessed with her own pleasure, she brings out a huge pink dildo. Demonstrating her cock sucking expertise as she lubes it with her own saliva, she then eases it into her sweet, young honeyed hole, wantonly groaning as she fucks herself, slipping into an intoxicated state of hedonistic revelry until she erupts in lotus-eating rapture.

Length: 13 Minutes Pics: 97