Lola Marie

Lola Marie

Nationality UK
Date of Birth December 2nd, 1984
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Lola Is A Sweet, Juicy, Dark Chocolate Delight

Lola is a exquisite, raven-black haired, Nubian princess, with buttery, brown skin, and a killer body. This scene is lifted from a bawdy, British, porn documentary of a sex-crazed neighborhood, with Lola asking a friend to hide her from the police. But, he insists on sampling this sweet, chocolate fox’s decadent delights, in exchange for her safe haven. Acquiescing to his demand, she gives his ginormous, dinosaur dick an enviable blow job, but soon she is sucking it with rapacious, sluttish avarice, and adroit, oral prowess. With her fire lit, she stands over him, grinding her succulent, bald pussy into his mouth, as he eats his way to her heart, while she groans ecstatically. Then, she spins around for a stunning, inverted 69, before robustly slamming her tasty, torrid twat onto his obelisk of lust, in reverse cowgirl, moaning and crying out, in sybaritic exultation. Next, she aggressively thrusts her breath taking ass back onto him in doggie, while moaning and yelping, with untethered, primal passions. After greedily sucking her pussy juice from his horse cock, she wildly humps his big dick in cowgirl, moaning and wailing, in lecherous jubilation. Warning, watching her sweet onion ass grinding onto his enormous prick will bring tears to your eyes, while making your jaw hit the floor,. Consequently,, anyone with a heart condition should have paramedics on standby. Finally, he fills her mouth and paints her face with a copious coating of cum for a gooey, lewd, and lascivious finale.

Length: 24 Minutes Pics: 351