Adreena Winters

Adreena Winters

Nationality UK
Date of Birth January 18th, 1988
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Adreena’s Hairy Hooch Gets Black Balled

Adreena is a bewitching, sultry, dark haired, tattooed temptress, with a wonderfully nostalgic, bearded clam. Wandering onto a set covered in spray painted, psychedelic graffiti, from a bad acid trip, she sensually saunters up to a black stud sitting on a couch. Like a moth drawn to a flame, she cannot resist the pull of his charismatic, black magic mojo. She gluttonously sucks his coal black, horse cock, with famished, sluttish avarice, gusto, and adroit, oral mastery, easily deep throating him, balls deep, as she devours his giant, black mamba, as if it were mana from heaven. He then bends her over in standing doggie, as he masterfully licks her torrid twat from behind, while she groans ecstatically. Then, he vehemently rams his big, black cock into her, as she moans and yelps, with uncaged, savage passions. After she greedily sucks her slut sauce from his dingus, she wildly slams her voracious fur burger onto his ebony tower of power in reverse cowgirl, while she moans and wails, with fiery, feral fervor. Subsequently, he plows his titanic tool into her garden of lecherous longings in missionary, as she moans and shrieks lost in an intoxicated, dick-drunk delirium. Returning to doggie, he barbarically pile drives his gargantuan, black pipe into her with savager fury, making her moan and screech in whorish rapture. He rewards her by unleashing a gusher of goo into her mouth, and all over her face, as she savors swallowing his slut ambrosia, for a gorgeous, gooey ending.

Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 371