Carla Mai

Carla Mai

Nationality UK
Date of Birth May 9th, 1989
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Carla’s Porn Star Audition

Carla’s a ravishing, tall, statuesque, raven haired, tattooed temptress, with runway model looks. This scene is lifted from a bawdy, ribald porn farce, with a jovial documentary like set up. Initially, Carla is incensed the acting audition she has gone on is for a porno, until they tell her what it pays. Then, she voraciously sucks the rigid rod of their porn stud, with glutinous, wolfish hunger, verve, and impressive oral aptitude. Determined to get the big paycheck, she gives it her all. Next, he vigorously rams his beef stick into her in doggie, while she thrusts back onto him, demanding he fuck her harder, with a deliciously lewd, British accent, while she moans and shrieks like a whore in heat. A stud on the sidelines is so turned on watching this wild she demon, that he taps in, so she ravenously sucks his dinosaur dick with rabid, oral ferocity. After she has inflated his ego, he barbarically drills his donkey dick into her, as she moans and howls, like some savage, primordial fuck beast. She then pushes him to the ground, furiously humping him in reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl, using his massive, meat missile to launch herself into a moaning, wailing, depraved jubilation. After some more frenzied cock sucking, he brutishly pile-drives his gargantuan, pork sword into her in doggie, making her moan and scream, like a banshee in heat. The scene culminates with his drenching her tits with a downpour of creamy cum.

Length: 24 Minutes Pics: 346