Samantha Jolie

Samantha Jolie

Nationality Czech Republic
Date of Birth February 13th, 1986
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Beautiful Blondes That Love to Lick

Angel and Samantha are a pair of long, lean, toned, tanned blonde fembots, who are drawn to one another, like moths to a flame, sensually kissing, caressing, and undressing in Sapphic splendor, as they fill the room, with their rhapsodic moans. Samantha’s talented tongue rapidly licks Angel’s hairless hooch, with adept, oral mastery, as she stands majestically before her, flicking her clit, like an electric eel on speed, as Angel moans elatedly. Switching places, Angel returns the favor, lavishly licking Samantha’s mostly bald, honey pot, that is topped, with a barely-there, well-trimmed landing strip, with ravenous, lesbian gluttony, while Samantha moans euphorically. Lying on the couch, they break out a vibrating dildo, which they both pump into Samantha’s voracious twat, as she writhes, moans, and cries out, in hedonistic exultation, that culminates in an intense, gut-wrenching orgasm. Switching roles, Samantha fervently drills the pulsing vibrator into Angel’s pretty pussy, while adroitly licking her clit, making her moan, and wail, in lesbian jubilation, that ushers in a screaming, soul-wrenching, exorcism worthy orgasm, leaving them both happily spent.

Length: 23 Minutes Pics: 156