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Bambi Bella

This clip begins with a quick, hot preview of entire scene. Then a fun chat with a tall, buxom, twenty-three year old blond babe who we soon discover, once she loses her dress, is wearing a sexy, crotch-less, black lace body stocking. Her supportive husband has arranged to fulfill her need to be pummeled with a big black cock while he watches with perverted glee. Once her black stud enters with his massive weapon-of-ass-destruction, hard-as-steel girder, she drops to her knees to suck it with the gluttonous gusto of a cock-addicted whore while her hubby enjoys the show. Obviously aroused by her oral exploits, she hops on for some hard bouncing reverse cowgirl, giving us a glorious view of the dude’s big, black fuck-pole buried deep in her pretty, shaved snatch, which she seems to truly get off on. Switching gears, she sucks her pussy juice off his cock before remounting it in cowgirl. This slut has an ass that any woman would envy, and it looks fabulous as she grinds her cunt onto the guy’s cock as if her hips were electric blender before bending over in doggie so he can fuck her like the bitch in heat that she is, all while her perv or a hubby seems to really be enjoying the show. This girl has a true onion ass that will brings tears to your eyes as you watch it jiggle with every power stroke of the stud’s big black mamba. Our ebony cock jockey then flips Bambi onto her back for a legs-wide-spread anal missionary while she fingers her bald snatch, loving every minute of her anal assault. The guy pulls out of her tight bunghole to slide his monster cock into her pretty, little pussy as she frantically fingers her cunt until he can hold back no longer and deposits an internal pop in her love oven. After he slides his cum-covered cock out, with his splooge oozing out of her cave of wonders, she finger fucks herself to help scope out his creampie filling, and she sucks it off her fingers with the satiated countenance of a true cum junkie.

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Jane Wilson February 9, 2016

Mature, tattooed Jane wants to fuck a black guy, and she’s dragged her husband Martin along on her trip to Giorgio’s porn studio. Martin doesn’t like the idea one bit. Black Mike introduces himself to the couple by ticking his massive, hard cock in Jane’s mouth and making her give him a sloppy blowjob. Then Mike sits down on the sofa next to hubby Martin and pullsJane on top of his huge member, running his black dick in and out of her white cunt as Martin tells himself this can’t be happening. Jane rides the big tool reverse cowgirl style and moans in ecstasy as it works its way ever farther up her spasming twat. Next Jane gets on all fours and takes the swollen, ebony shaft back up her cunt as Mike fucks her from behind. The black dude pushesJane onto her back with her head resting in her husband’s lap as the enormous,black pole is again rammed into her sloppy fuck-hole, this time in missionary position. Mike pumps away in her pussy until he lets loose with a gushing cumshot inside her pussy, and Jane just loves it. “Do you know that you’re wife is a bit fucked-up?” Giorgio asks Martin. “Yes,” he says, as tears of shame well up in his eyes.

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Gabrielle Gucci February 8, 2016

Porn producer Giorgio wants to shoot married couple Gabrielle and Alex in a sex scene, but Gabrielle decides she’d rather have a big black dick to work with instead of Alex’s small package. Giorgio’s production assistant Franco happens to fit the bill—black, with a huge penis—so Alex is swapped out for Franco, and the fun begins (for everyone except Alex, that is). Gabrielle starts off with a blowjob, and her lips look really good working their way along Franco’s enormous prick. He strips off her clothing and slides his fat cock into her yearning cunt as she kneels on the sofa and her husband looks on helplessly. Then Franco sits down and draws Gabrielle on top of him reverse cowgirl style so he can ram his black shaft in and out of her wet white pussy fast and hard. She spins around to cowgirl position, and continues to work her juicy snatch on Franco’s massive boner while Alex hangs his head low in shame. Finally, Gabrielle lays back on the sofa and takes Franco’s swollen tool all the way up her fuck hole missionary style, and then he pulls out and cums in her mouth. Alex looks like a deer in the headlights as his wife lets the black guy’s sperm run down her chin.

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Inga Devil February 7, 2016

Married couple Martin and Inga have come to Giorgio’s porn studio for Inga to shoot a sex scene with a black dude. Martin’s there for the money, but Inga’s there for the dick! She has her hands on Mike’s black boner as soon as he enters the frame, and she gets right to work stroking the skin back and forth. Soon, she has her lips wrapped around the massive shaft, andMike finds himself on the receiving end of a top notch blowjob. Mike then sits down on the sofa and slips his huge erection into her tight cunt, and she starts moving up and down for some big time pussy penetration. Inga rides the thick cock in reverse cowgirl position as her husband looks on with obvious discomfort, and then she turns around and continues to take the engorged organ all the way up her pulsing twat cowgirl style, enjoying every centimeter.Martin tries to avert his gaze as the dark dong stretches his wife’s white pussy to its maximum capacity, and she orgasms repeatedly. Now Mike puts Inga on her knees and slams his stiff tool back into her love-slot doggie style, and then he lays her down with her head on her husband’s lap as the frantic fucking continues in missionary position. By this time, Inga’s sweating, and Mike just keeps pumping her hot hole until he can’t hold back and cums in her cunt for a creampie. Giorgio tells husband Martin that his wife has definitely earned her pay, but Martin has to be asking himself whether it was really worth it.

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Barra Brass February 6, 2016

Barra and her husband David have come to porn producer Giorgio because Barra wants to have anal sex with a black man. David’s not too sure about this, but he reluctantly goes along with it. Beefy black Lance is introduced to the couple, and Barra does a strip tease for him before getting down to business sucking on his ebony cock. David watches with growing discomfort as Barra rubs her wet pussy waiting for Lance to get out of his clothes and lay her on her back so he can penetrate her white snatch full length with his massive black tool. He pumps her hard in missionary position before laying back and having her climb aboard for some reverse cowgirl cunt-plowing. Then she spins around into cowgirl and looks her husband right in the eye as the black dude inserts his stiff penis in her asshole and proceeds to ream out her rectum with his dark dick. She turns back around and keeps the rigid salami pounding in and out of her butthole as David looks on dumbfounded. Then she gets on all fours doggie style and takes Lance’s protruding pole back in her shitter for some more serious sodomy before Lance finally can’t take any more and shoots his load for an anal creampie. Husband David just shakes his head and says he’s going to get drunk and try to forget.

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Adriana Love February 5, 2016

Mature Adriana is newly married to the much younger Lucas,but what she really wants is to fuck a black guy with a big dick, so the two of them have come to porn producer Giorgio’s studio. Lucas isn’t all that keen on the idea, and he doesn’t have much to say as Giorgio interviews the couple because he knows what’s coming. Adriana does a striptease and then Giorgio brings in a big-dicked, ebony stud to do the honors. The MILF gets right down to business sucking on the massive meat like her life depends on it. She licks the guy’s balls and shaft up and down and enjoys every inch of the African cock.Then the dude sits down on the sofa next to the stony silent Lucas, and Adriana jumps on to ride the stiff, black pole. The dark dick slides in and out of her white cunt as she moans with pleasure, and poor Lucas can do nothing but watch helplessly as a black man satisfies his wife in a way that Lucas could never hope to. Adriana then gets on all fours and takes the pulsing prick back up her sloppy slit as the black guy fucks her hard from behind, and Lucas lowers his head in shame. “Come on, harder,” his wife shouts as Lucas bites his hand to keep from crying and the stud pushes his erection ever deeper into Adriana’s twat, her head now resting on Lucas’s lap as she gets ravaged in missionary position. At last, the black guy jacks off on Adriana’s lips, and she tells Giorgio that she wants TWO black guys next time! Lucas just covers his eyes and tries to disappear.

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Jessica Malone February 4, 2016

Jessica and Max have been married a while and she pushed him to take her to a porn set. As they are sitting on a sofa she is asked if she wants to have sex with Max while the camera man films it. She immediately says "no". This surprises the camera man and Max. She goes on to tell the director that Max's dick is too small and she wants to fuck someone bigger. A porn stud enters and pulls out his cock. She likes what she sees and she strips off her clothes, then she drops to her knees and sucks the big cock. She then gets the cock inside her and the guy fucks her good while Max watches. She is fucked and fucked, rubbing it Max's face.

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Vera Delight February 3, 2016

Vera and Dennis have been married ten years, but Vera thinks it’s time to have something different: a black cock. In comes a black dude with his dick hanging out, and Vera wastes no time in getting the huge prick into her mouth. Her husband covers his face with his hands as Vera pumps the massive ebony shaft in and out of her ivory throat. Then the stud makes Vera sit down on his tool and starts fucking her before she’s even had a chance to get out of her panties! He stands up and jams his thick piston back into her mouth for some more blowing and then bends her over on the sofa so he can ream out her pussy from behind. Dennis is mesmerized by the hard afro-boning that his wife is taking, but the black guy just won’t let up and pushes Vera onto her back so he can slam his schlong ever deeper into her sloppy snatch. The merciless reaming continues until the stud finally shoots his jizz into Vera’s pulsing pussy, and she lets it run out on the carpet.

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Bibi Fox February 2, 2016

Young couple show up to a porn set thinking that they will be performing together. Little do they know that the only one of them that will be in this porn scene is her. They are interview and then a porn stud enters and the wife gravitates to him making the husband uncomfortable. She flirts with the male actor and then he pulls his cock out. She gladly stuffs his big dick into her mouth while the her husband watches. Her husband's head hangs low as she sucks and sucks and then spreads her legs to get her pussy eaten out. At this point the 2 are really horny and they start fucking, the husband is miserable. She gets pounded and fucked and fucked and fucked and finally its over and the guy cums in her mouth.

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Nata Lee February 1, 2016

Natalie married Lucas when she was young but now she’s decided that she wants to have some new experiences—like, say, to fuck a black guy. Lucas isn’t entirely comfortable with the idea, but he just can’t say no to the woman he loves. In comes black Mike, and Natalie slips her hand under his trousers to feel the thickness of his sizeable cock. The dick is soon released, of course, and Natalie bends over the seated Mike to give him a juicy blowjob. The two of them shake off their clothes, and the black stud continues pumping Natalie’s throat with his thick shaft as Roman watches warily. Then Natalie lays back on the sofa with her head on Roman’s shoulder as Mike thrusts his gigantic black cock deep in her yearning white pussy. Now it’s Mike who sits down, and Natalie rides his tool with passion in reverse cowgirl position as her husband passively looks on. Then she turns around and maintains taking the black bone in and out of her tight twat cowgirl style and loving every second of it. (The same can’t be said for Roman.) For the finish, Mike bends her over and fucks her from behind before putting her on her knees and jacking off into her mouth. Natalie spits out the sperm as Roman tries to make sense of it all.

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Anabelle Cindy January 31, 2016

Anabelle and her husband are sitting on a casting sofa at a porn studio. They have been married for only 6 months yet she seems eager to fuck another man. Her husband does not appear to be happy with this. The porn stud enters and she is on top of him. She strips off her clothes, showing off her beautiful breasts, drops to her knees and sucks the guy's big, thick cock. After sucking the guy's balls he sits down naked next to the husband while his wife climbs on inserting the big cock into her tight pussy. She gets fuck hard and really good. The husband is intimidated. The stud cums on her face and leaves.

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Isabella January 30, 2016

Marco’s happily married to Isabella, but Isabella doesn’t feel as happy about the marriage as he does. She wants more sex than she gets from her husband, and that’s all black Mike needs to hear for him to volunteer to “save the marriage.” He starts his mission of mercy by stuffing his huge black cock into Isabella’s salivating white mouth and pumping her throat. Then he puts her on all fours with her ass toward her hapless husband and continues banging her warm mouth with his enormous ramrod until he figures it’s time to make use of a different hole. He sits down on the sofa and slides his big ebony dick into Isabella’s wet slot reverse cowgirl style before she’s even taken off any of her clothes. Her dress and panties don’t stay on much longer, though, as Mike has Isabella turn around for some cowgirl fucking, and husband Marco covers his eyes in disbelief. Next, the stud again puts her on her knees, next to Marco on the sofa, and jams his rigid rod back up her dripping twat for a round of doggie fucking. Finally, he spins her onto her back and pounds her quim in missionary position as he gets ready to cum. Mike completes his assignment by jacking off onto Isabella’s tongue, and she afterwards cozies up to Marco as he struggles to hold back the tears. “You’re a bitch,” he mutters.

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Laura Devis January 29, 2016

Laura and her husband are ready to make a porn movie but the husband does not know what he is in for. He does not understand that she will be the only one of the two having sex and there is a horny porn actor waiting to fuck her. He is apprehensive but she agrees. She starts right off be getting on her knees and putting the studs big, thick cock into her mouth. The husband seems especially uptight when the studs big cock finally slides into her wet vagina. She is fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and she is loving it. She looks to her husband for approval but she's not getting it. She make the stud cum.

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Alicia Jones January 28, 2016

Horny Alicia wants to have sex with a black guy in front of her husband, and porn producer Giorgio is only too happy to oblige. He interviews the couple and has the wife strip before bringing in a porn stud with a huge black erection which Alicia can’t wait to get her hands and mouth on. She starts sucking the ebony shaft with gusto and then sits the guy down on the sofa next to her husband while she continues her steamy blowjob. Then Alicia climbs onto the stud and he pushes his big black pole up her tight white pussy for some reverse cowgirl riding. Then the guy puts her on all fours and rams her from behind as her husband looks meekly on. Next, the stud sits back down on the sofa and fucks Alicia’s twat cowgirl style, her pussy filled to capacity with his enormous manhood. Now it’s time for missionary position, with Alicia’s head in her husband’s reluctant lap as the black guy slides his massive meat in and out of her by now dripping fuck hole. To finish things, the porn stud jacks off on Alicia’s tongue, and she smiles with gratification.

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Valentina Ross January 27, 2016

Married guy comes to a porn set to see his wife be sodomized by another man (a hung black man). The male porn stud enters the set and makes the wife touch his cock through his pants, the husband smiles. The 2 start making out as the husband watches then his wife gets down on her knees and swallow the big black cock. She sucks him for a while until he feels like bending her over and entering her from behind. His thickness is really getting to her and then she cums. They fuck in various position including anally and then the black guy blows his load into her vagina (cream pie).

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Alexis Crystal January 26, 2016

Newly married Alexis and Mark are on a porn set when producer Giorgio lets slip that Mark has been there before with another girl. Alexis is royally pissed off about this, so she decides to get some revenge by doing something she’s always thought about: fucking a black guy with a huge dick. A black porn stud happens to be on hand, so Alexis discards her skirt and starts sucking on his massive ebony shaft while her husband just shakes his head. The black guy lays back on the sofa and plays with her pussy and then licks it lustily as Alexis keeps her lips moving up and down on his enormous member. Then she sits on the huge dick reverse cowgirl style, guiding it into her tight snatch so the big black stick can fill her white hole to overflow. She spins to suck the cock some more and then jumps on again from some rapid cowgirl action. Husband Mark watches sullenly as the guy puts Alexis on all fours and sticks his black rod in her mouth before moving behind her to fuck her doggie style. She squeals with pleasure as the stud pushes her onto her back and slams his salami deep in her wet twat in missionary position. Finally, he cums in her mouth, and her husband is speechless as Alexis lays back and enjoys the porn stud’s spunk.

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