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Bambi Bella

This clip begins with a quick, hot preview of entire scene. Then a fun chat with a tall, buxom, twenty-three year old blond babe who we soon discover, once she loses her dress, is wearing a sexy, crotch-less, black lace body stocking. Her supportive husband has arranged to fulfill her need to be pummeled with a big black cock while he watches with perverted glee. Once her black stud enters with his massive weapon-of-ass-destruction, hard-as-steel girder, she drops to her knees to suck it with the gluttonous gusto of a cock-addicted whore while her hubby enjoys the show. Obviously aroused by her oral exploits, she hops on for some hard bouncing reverse cowgirl, giving us a glorious view of the dude’s big, black fuck-pole buried deep in her pretty, shaved snatch, which she seems to truly get off on. Switching gears, she sucks her pussy juice off his cock before remounting it in cowgirl. This slut has an ass that any woman would envy, and it looks fabulous as she grinds her cunt onto the guy’s cock as if her hips were electric blender before bending over in doggie so he can fuck her like the bitch in heat that she is, all while her perv or a hubby seems to really be enjoying the show. This girl has a true onion ass that will brings tears to your eyes as you watch it jiggle with every power stroke of the stud’s big black mamba. Our ebony cock jockey then flips Bambi onto her back for a legs-wide-spread anal missionary while she fingers her bald snatch, loving every minute of her anal assault. The guy pulls out of her tight bunghole to slide his monster cock into her pretty, little pussy as she frantically fingers her cunt until he can hold back no longer and deposits an internal pop in her love oven. After he slides his cum-covered cock out, with his splooge oozing out of her cave of wonders, she finger fucks herself to help scope out his creampie filling, and she sucks it off her fingers with the satiated countenance of a true cum junkie.

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Uma Thompson June 24, 2016

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Mariah Silver June 17, 2016

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Lina Arian June 10, 2016

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Kirshley Swoon June 3, 2016

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Maggie Green May 27, 2016

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Cathy Heaven May 20, 2016

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Nataly Real May 13, 2016

Nataly and Paul have been married for only one week and already they’re at Giorgio’s porn studio because Nataly wants to fuck other guys. Some women are just hard to please, I guess! Giorgio’s assistant Max is more than happy to scratch Nataly’s itch, so to speak, so she lays her head back against her husband, and studly Max gets down to business by eating out Nataly’s primed and ready cunt. He runs his tongue over her clitoris and pussy lips, and she gasps with pleasure as hubby Paul looks on with a frown. Next, Nataly drops to her knees, and Max sticks his massive dick into her pouting mouth for a sloppy blowjob. Silent Paul utters not one word of protest as the stud sits on the sofa beside him, pulls Nataly on top, and pushes his prick up her luscious love-hole. She rides the dude hard in reverse cowgirl position—her nice, natural tits bouncing all over the place. Then Nataly turns around to face her impassive husband and continues getting her twitching quim reamed out by Max’s sizeable salami cowgirl style before being bent over and fucked from behind in doggie position. Nataly lies back and again takes the hard shaft deep into her creamy slot, this time missionary style—in and out, harder and harder. Husband Paul watches helplessly as, finally, Max jacks off onto Nataly’s waiting tongue, and he accuses his wife of not really loving him. How could he think such a thing?

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Mira Cuckold May 6, 2016

Married couple Mira and Bill are a little bit different from your average man and wife because Bill likes to watch Mira fuck other guys. In fact, Bill’s a dedicated cuckold, and he’s proud of it! Giorgio interviews the pair at his porn studio before bringing in black Franco to do the honors. Bill takes a comfortable seat for spectating, and Mira gets on her knees to loosen Franco’s pants and start sucking on his huge cock. She works her lips over the massive meat before she straddles the still-standing Franco and takes his stiff salami in her moist pussy as he holds her up off the ground. Then Franco sits down on the sofa, and Mira hops on top of his big ramrod for some energetic reverse cowgirl fucking. She turns around into cowgirl position and continues to bounce up and down on the big, black shaft as hubby Bill manoeuvers himself to get a better view. Then Mira gets on all fours and takes the giant tool deep in her throbbing quim doggie style while Bill holds her hand like the good husband that he is. Finally, Mira lies back with her head in Bill’s lap as Franco stuffs his big, ebony fuck-stick back up her wet slit in missionary position. He jacks off onto Mira’s tongue and chin, and her husband smiles and thanks Franco and Giorgio for a really rewarding evening.

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Ani Black Fox April 29, 2016

Ani brings her significant other to a porn set where she will get it on with a black guy. She is eager and she strips off her clothes and shows off her body. The actor sitting on the sofa gets out his dick for her to suck. She then gets on her knees and he stands up to shovel it into her mouth. Once she is really excited she pushes him back onto the sofa, straddles him and forces her pussy to stretch around his hard, thick cock. She rides him with enthusiasm and then it's time to have it in her ass. This comes with a little adjustment because she is not used to having big cocks in her ass. But never the less the guy bangs her ass as her husband watches.

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Brooke Belle April 22, 2016

Brooke wants to fuck a porn star while her husband Jake watches, so the couple has come to the home of Dave, the world’s oldest porn producer. Dave introduces Brooke to professional stud Eric Swiss, and Eric wastes no time in getting down to business. He hikes up Brooke’s dress and starts things off by licking her puckered asshole. Then Eric pulls out his erect cock and slams it into Brooke’s wet pussy and bones her from behind while she and husband Jake kiss and make goo-goo eyes. She moans with pleasure as the thick dick works its way in and out of her succulent slit, and then she drops to her knees and blows the guy’s bone pussy2mouth. After deep throating Eric’s hard dick, she sits him down on the sofa and climbs on top of his pulsing pecker for some sensuous cowgirl fucking—both front and reverse. Next Brooke lays back and takes the porn stud’s rigid rod back up her quivering love-hole in missionary position, and her husband watches intently as the cock disappears up her canal. Finally, Eric pulls out, beats off on Brooke’s face, and says to husband Jake, “I’m so done with your wife.” Jake tells Dave that he got just what he wanted, but one could be forgiven for thinking that it’s really Eric who should be saying that.

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Evelyn Green February 16, 2016

Stay at home housewife Evelyn Green shows up to a porn studio with her new husband in anticipation of being in a porn together. Quickly they find out that only she will be having sex in this porn scene. She willingly strips her clothes off as her husband watches. A porn stud enter the scene and starts fondling her. She then starts sucking his cock. The husband is not happy seeing his wife being dominated by another guy but he is forced to watch her take the actor's big cock into her. She gets fucked in all sorts of positions and has a big orgasm, her husband is not happy. In the end she eats cum, be sure that her husband is going to be think about this the next time he kisses her.

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Scarlet Mika February 13, 2016

Blond, mature Scarlet has brought along her younger husband Christian as she visits Giorgio’s porn set in search of a black cock to fuck. Christian has misgivings, but Scarlet is horny and ready, so she does a sexy striptease as she awaits the arrival of big-dicked, black Mike. The ebony cock goes straight into Scarlet’s waiting mouth when the dude finally comes on screen, and she lovingly administers a sloppy blowjob to the huge, dark dong. Mike sits down on the sofa next to the nervously watching Christian and stuffs his sizeable salami up Scarlet’s tight cunt as he pulls her on top of him. The dark cock-flesh moving in and out of his wife’s white fuck-hole rivets Christian’s gaze as Mike puts Scarlet on all fours and crams his massive meat-pole back up her twitching twat. She moans in ecstasy and squirts cunt juice as the black guy repeatedly pulls out and reinserts his rigid tool in her creamy crevice. Then Mike turns Scarlet on her back and gives her husband a bird’s eye view as he jams his raging erection back into the wife’s sopping quim in missionary position. At last, Mike can’t hold back any longer and dumps his load directly in Scarlet’s spasming cooze for a creampie finish, and Christian is just thankful that it’s all over.

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Jenny Simons February 12, 2016

Blue-eyed Jenny wants to fuck a black guy, so she heads to porn producer Giorgio’s studio and makes her husband Roman come along. Giorgio introduces her to black body builder Lance, and she likes what she sees so much that she does strip tease and starts rubbing his cock before it’s even out of his pants. It comes out quick, though, and Jenny sets to work sucking on Lance’s massive manhood. Roman looks on dejectedly as she runs her lips all over the big black bone. Lance lays back on the sofa, and Jenny gets on top so he can guide his fat ebony shaft deep into her lily white pussy. Switching from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl positions, the two continue fucking and gradually picking up the pace as the black dick keeps moving in and out of Jenny’s love box. Next Jenny lays on her back with Roman looking down at her, and she makes sure her husband has a good view as Lance slams his rigid tool back into her juicy coozie. Just when her husband figures it can’t get any worse, Jenny goes head-down, ass-up on the floor, and the black stud crams his giant prick all the way up her tight butthole as she moans with delight. To top things off, Lance moves his dick back to her pussy and cums inside for a creampie. Roman can’t decide whether his wife deserves a kiss or a slap.

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Michel Lee February 11, 2016

Married couple Michel and Randy come to porn producer Giorgio because Michel has an itch she needs to scratch: her desire to fuck a black guy. Randy is against it, but she has her mind made up, so what can he do? Mike enters the scene because he has the two necessary ingredients: he’s black, and he has a big dick. Mike’s a lucky guy in general, but he’s really hit pay dirt this time, because Michel has huge natural breasts and a hairy bush! As Randy watches apprehensively, Mile puts Michel on her knees and proceeds to tit-fuck her big melons with his long, hard cock. Then he sticks his massive, black pole in her mouth and makes her suck on it, and Michel delivers a tasty blowjob. Next, Mike sits down on the sofa and runs his large cock up Michel’s hairy, pierced pussy in reverse cowgirl position, as her husband stares helplessly at the ebony shaft moving in and out of his wife’s tantalizing, white twat. Then the black guy turns Michel around and continues fucking her cowgirl style, her ass bouncing as she works the ebony bone deeper and deeper inside her slot. Now Mike pulls out, puts Michel on all fours, and jams his enormous tool right back in her juicy box for some doggie balling.Finally, he lays her on her back and makes sure that hubby Randy has a good view as the dark dong is again slammed back into the slut’s creamy pussy, this time in missionary position. Mike cums in her cunt for a creampie, and Michel’s husband is clearly unhappy about that and everything else that’s happened. No one seems to care……

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Katy Clark February 10, 2016

Sexy blond Katy and her husband Thomas have been married a couple of years now, but Katy wants to have sex with other men—especially men with large dicks. Thomas is dead set against it, but they’re at porn producer Giorgio’s studio, so we know what’s going to happen, don’t we? Katy shows off her big butt for the camera as studly Neil enters the scene and strips off her clothes. Within moments, she’s on her knees sucking on his protruding pecker with her luscious red lips. She pumps Neil’s cock in and out of her mouth as her husband tries not to look. Then Neil puts her on all fours on the sofa right next to Thomas and slides his massive tool into her tight pussy for some hard fucking that her husband would rather not see. Neil sits down beside Thomas next and has Katy climb aboard for some reverse cowgirl action, and his rod reaming out her cunt is quite a sight to see. Her husband sits stone-faced as Katy then spins around on the stud’s dick and gets her twat plugged in cowgirl position. Next, Neil lays her on her back with her head in Thomas’s lap as he jams his shaft back into her sloppy hole for more brazen balling, this time missionary style. Finally, Neil jacks off on Katy’s tongue. She turns to show Thomas her spermy face, and he looks like he’s just about ready to cry!

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