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Lara Onyx December 23, 2016

Lara is a stunning, tall, blond Russian goddess who looks hot enough to be a Victoria Secret’s runway model and who apparently has a need to be fucked by black guys while her supportive husband watches, which we are more than happy to help out with. When our ebony prince enters naked with his monstrous, big, black horse cock standing at attention, she can’t get it into her mouth fast enough. OMG! Can this bitch suck cock, unhinging her jaw like a snake, she somehow manages to get it all in. This stunning slut absolutely LOVES IT. When he holds her head to fuck her pretty mouth, she holds her arms behind her back like a well-trained submissive. She may well be the most beautiful, truly sex-crazed slut in the world. Almost from the moment that she impales her superlative bejeweled shaved snatch on his ginormous dinosaur dick, in reverse cowgirl, she begins to cum nonstop. The more she cums, the more turned on she gets, but, rather than satiating her desires, her orgasms seem to fuel them, intensifying them even more, as witnessed by the way she hungrily sucks her sweet pussy juice off of his big black donkey dick before re-mounting him in cowgirl. With her long blond hair stretching down to the top of her flawlessly quintessential ass, fueled by her never ending stream of orgasms, she gallops forth with unbridled all-consuming passions. If Michelangelo were alive to witness this scene, he would have immortalized it in his next great work of art, capturing the most divinely beautiful sight that he had ever witnessed. She’s as scorchingly hot as she is beguilingly beautiful. Probably wanting to get a better view of her aesthetically perfect divine ass, our sable cocksman positions her in doggie, while laying her head in her hubby’s lap, as he slides his gargantuan big black mamba into her cave of carnal delights, potently pounding her with the vehemence of a man on fire. Wanting to explore all her holes with his inky black battering ram, he slides his colossal black behemoth up her ass, drilling her while stretching her sphincter for some impressive gapes. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but she appears to love having her ass fucked even more than her pussy, with her eyes rolling back in her head, as she continues having even more intense, multiple gut-wrenching, screaming anal orgasms. Proving to be as nasty as she is beautiful, she sucks her ass juice off of his mammoth meat stick before impaling her bunghole onto it in an anal reverse cowgirl for an insanely long continuous orgasm, as she never seems to stop long enough for them to be multiples. Moving his mammoth Johnson from her ass to her pussy he blows a titanic load of baby batter into her prime pussy which she scoops up with her fingers as it oozes out, licking them clean to savor every drop. Warning, do not watch this scene if you have a heart condition. Lara is the kind of woman that you would walk over hot coals to be with.

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Allen Benz December 16, 2016

Although Allen may sound like a boy’s name, she is all woman, a tall, statuesque, dirty blonde whose husband wants to see her being fucked by a black man, so Mike, our resident black sperm donor, walks in naked with his big, black dinosaur dick standing at attention and immediately pushes her head onto his big black schlong as he shakes the husband’s hand to introduce herself. His humorous howdy doody does not phase her for a second, as all she focuses on is slobbering all over his giant knob, sucking it like her life depended on it, and doing her best to force every gagging inch of it down her throat until her saliva is dripping off of it in long gooey streamers. Once properly lubed, her ebony lover sits her pretty shaved pussy onto his monumental black obelisk of lust in reverse cowgirl, and he slams it up into her, making her shapely natural boobs bounce in sync with every thrust while her husband enjoys this carnal spectacle. When she spins around for some rambunctious cowgirl, you will be pleasantly surprised to see what an incredible, firm round ass she has, as that huge black Johnson is drilled up into her. Catering to her husband’s fetish, she moves into doggie, with her arms on his leg, looking loving and lustfully into his eyes as he holds her hands supportively while she’s slammed from behind by Mike’s enormous black jack hammer, making her scream in ecstasy. How romantic! Unable to resist that beautiful round ass, he slips his king-sized ramrod up her back alley for some anal excavation, which is so intense that it looks like her eyes are going to pop right out of her head. After blowing both their minds with his anal assault, it is back to pounding pussy in missionary for Mike, so that he may leave a colossal creampie in her cum bucket as a parting gift to remember him by, causing a lava-like wave of creamy goo to slowly ooze out of her.

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Kessie Shy December 9, 2016

Kessie is a beautiful, red haired, tall, slender, tattooed, alabaster skinned Russian Milf, with an understanding Colombian husband who fully supports her need to be fucked by big black schlongs. After a get to know them chat, she strips and plays with her shaved snatch, readying it for the big black donkey dick that soon enters, and she wastes no time licking, sucking, and trying to cram every gagging inch of it down her throat. She seems to really get off on her ebony lover holding her head, fucking her mouth, and then firmly holding her head in place with his cock buried down her throat until she has to push off to breath, a domineering act that fires this submissive slut into overdrive. Seeing that she’s wound up and ready for more, he puts her in doggie, pile driving his monumental black steely tool up cock socket while her husband watches his wife throwing herself back against this big black crank like the insatiable bitch in heat that she is. After sucking her slut juice off of his horse cock, she mounts him, using his massive meat stick to pleasure herself, and rides him in cowgirl with the fervor of a slut on fire. Neither her passion nor her orgasms are quelled when she spins around to continue in reverse cowgirl, which is a spectacle that her husband really does seem to enjoy watching. Wanting to kick it up a notch, her swarthy paramour slides his big black mamba into her anal cave of carnal delights for some anal reverse cowgirl, which is like throwing gasoline on a fire, turning this slut’s burning passions into a raging inferno. He continues his anal assault in doggie, pulverizing her little bunghole with his ginormous black weapon of ass destruction, stretching her hole wide enough for some gapes that you could drive a car through. Unable to contain himself any longer, he decides to finish off in her pretty pussy, depositing a humongous cream pie in her hungry hole, and she lets the creamy filling slowly ooze out.

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Bambi Bella December 2, 2016

This clip begins with a quick, hot preview of entire scene. Then a fun chat with a tall, buxom, twenty-three year old blond babe who we soon discover, once she loses her dress, is wearing a sexy, crotch-less, black lace body stocking. Her supportive husband has arranged to fulfill her need to be pummeled with a big black cock while he watches with perverted glee. Once her black stud enters with his massive weapon-of-ass-destruction, hard-as-steel girder, she drops to her knees to suck it with the gluttonous gusto of a cock-addicted whore while her hubby enjoys the show. Obviously aroused by her oral exploits, she hops on for some hard bouncing reverse cowgirl, giving us a glorious view of the dude’s big, black fuck-pole buried deep in her pretty, shaved snatch, which she seems to truly get off on. Switching gears, she sucks her pussy juice off his cock before remounting it in cowgirl. This slut has an ass that any woman would envy, and it looks fabulous as she grinds her cunt onto the guy’s cock as if her hips were electric blender before bending over in doggie so he can fuck her like the bitch in heat that she is, all while her perv or a hubby seems to really be enjoying the show. This girl has a true onion ass that will brings tears to your eyes as you watch it jiggle with every power stroke of the stud’s big black mamba. Our ebony cock jockey then flips Bambi onto her back for a legs-wide-spread anal missionary while she fingers her bald snatch, loving every minute of her anal assault. The guy pulls out of her tight bunghole to slide his monster cock into her pretty, little pussy as she frantically fingers her cunt until he can hold back no longer and deposits an internal pop in her love oven. After he slides his cum-covered cock out, with his splooge oozing out of her cave of wonders, she finger fucks herself to help scope out his creampie filling, and she sucks it off her fingers with the satiated countenance of a true cum junkie.

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Alina Levi November 18, 2016

Alina is a tall, blond beauty with pretty, tiny tits and a full, round ass. She’s a former porn star who is now married but can’t be satisfied by only one man, which her husband regrets, but, because he loves her, he reluctantly lets her take lovers. Happy to fulfill her desires, we reunite her with a former porn partner, who is hung like a horse. Remembering what she likes, he wastes no time shoving his meat stick down her throat to face fuck her while holding her arms behind her back. Then he slams his meat missile into her in missionary as she lies next to her husband, who’s watching her reveling in being dominated, choked, and slapped as the monster cock pulverizes his wife’s pretty, shaved snatch. She jiggles her bubble butt for the camera, bent over in doggie, before our man slides in his pussy stretcher, slamming and slapping her spectacular, round ass, which unleashes a tsunami of screaming orgasms while her disgruntled husband looks on with disdain. Once started, she can’t stop cumming, as she continues erupting in one orgasm after the other in reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl. Barely able to catch her breath, she mutters that she’s in paradise, which her eyes confirm by their rolling in reverie, before another explosion of sexual fulfillment is unleashed as she rides his jack hammer of love, and he slaps her sensational ass, making her cum even harder. Finally, our pussy-pounder decides to fill her mouth with his secret sauce, and she proudly shows off her tasty mouthful to her husband before swallowing it. While licking cum form her lips, she confess how much it turns her on to be fucked hard while her husband sits next to her watching.

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Francys Belle November 11, 2016

Francys, a raven-haired slut-goddess, confesses that she loves to fuck strangers with big dicks because her hubby doesn’t fuck her enough. Once her perfect tits are unfurled, her rock hard nipples reveal how truly excited she is to get a dick in her, which she eagerly does. Once our stud helper enters, she can’t get his massive man-meat into her mouth fast enough. Admiring her incredibly taut, firm body and cocksucking expertise, he can’t wait to return the favor, licking and fingering her pretty, bald honey pot, which quickly triggers an eruption of multiple intense gut-wrenching orgasms. Consumed by her unbridled lust, she resumes sucking cock with even greater vigor until he grabs ahold of her head to mouth-fuck her and then bends her over for some hard doggie banging, with her head lying in her frustrated husband’s lap as he watches her cumming like the bitch-in-heat that she is, one orgasm after another. This smiling slut is truly insatiable, as she continues cumming non-stop in reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl, displaying every inch of her gorgeous body, riding his joystick with the fierceness of a woman possessed by her desires as she uses him for her own pleasure. Deciding to take charge, our guy lays her in missionary position, with her head still in her husband’s lap, and pounds her hungry cock-hole, eliciting several more screaming orgasms out of our smiling, happy slut. Unable to hold back any longer, he fills her gluttonous slut-mouth with his splooge, but before swallowing, she decides to show her harried husband her mouthful of cum, much to his chagrin.

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Emily Devine October 28, 2016

Emily, a 50 year old black haired sex crazed Milf, wants to fuck a black stud while her 22 year old husband watches, which is a fantasy we are only too happy to fulfill. As soon as our big black stud enters, she transforms, like a super hero, from quiet and demure to a sex crazed cock junkie in desperate need of a fix that only his big black cock can satisfy. Her ravenous appetite is quite evident as she sucks his trouser snake with the wanton gluttony of a woman possessed as her hapless hubby looks on. She’s so excited that she actually has goose bumps all over her chest, which you can’t fake, proving that she really, really does love sucking big black dicks. Our arrogant stud decides to sit right next to the hubby on the couch while his wife mounts his black sausage in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl, all the while wailing like a banshee. Then, as if that was not humiliating enough, he then puts her in doggie, with her head literally in her hubby’s lap, while she gets her pussy pounded from behind, propelling her to an apparent altered state of consciousness. This woman is so cock obsessed that even when she’s on the bottom in missionary, she bucks and grinds her hips up to consume every inch of that monster cock with her ravenous Milf cunt, like a wild bronco. Blown away by her unbridled, animalistic all-consuming lust, this big black stud cannot contain himself any longer and blows one huge internal pop shot into in to her cum bucket. Watching his jism slowly ooze out of her freshly fucked cock socket is a surreal experience, like watching aerial views of a great river delta, but one is soon returned to reality when Emily fingers her cunt to gather the special sauce and lick it off of her fingers like the rapacious slut that she is. Um, um, good!

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Eva Ann October 21, 2016

Eva Ann has a voluptuous body, sublime T & A, and long silky smooth jet black hair that drapes across her creamy white skin, framing her big beautiful hypnotic eyes, which twinkle like stars in the night, reflecting a sultry, truly slutty sexual gluttony that men hunger for. After a few drinks, one could mistake her for Angelina Jolie’s slutty sister, if she had one. A brief get-to-know-you talk establishes Eva and her husband as a married couple in which the wife likes to fuck other men while hubby watches. A muscular stud enters to wet her appetite, and she can’t get to her knees fast enough to inhale his massive man-missile with the expertise and unbridled desire that only a MILF can give, as her hapless hubby watches her savoring, licking and sucking cock like a horny prison bitch who hasn’t had a dick in twenty years. With her fire now lit, she pushes her fun bags together so he can give her the fast, furious titty fuck that she so desperately desires. Returning the favor, he lays her back, spreading her creamy white thighs wide to lick and finger her pretty shaved snatch. Once she is dripping wet, moaning with lust, and kneeling on the floor in front of him, he slams his huge pile driver of a cock into her ravenous quim, making her squeal with delight. Engulfed in the rapture of her obsessive desire, this wanton bitch-in-heat’s only thought is to keep him slamming that big fat cock into her as she begs for more, greedily cumming again and again. Taking control, she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl so we can really appreciate what a truly spectacular body she has, like a sculpted alabaster Goddess of lust and desire. As he slams his cock into her faster and harder, fanning the flames of that fiery lust, this insatiable strumpet looks more like the Goddess of Cumming on Big Cocks. Warning: her screaming, gut wrenching orgasms are so intense that you need to be prepared to lower the volume, or blow your eardrums. Her stud pushes her to the floor on all fours at her husband’s feet for some hard, fast doggie pounding from behind while she begs him to fuck her harder and faster and continues cumming so many times that I lost count. He finally pulls out and jacks off into her open mouth. She savors licking and sucking every drop off his cock, coating her big pouty lips with the sticky residue, then shows off her jism filled reservoir to her husband. We end with a close up of her contented countenance, with a big, happy, & satiated cum-junky smile painted across it.

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Cadence St John, Lou Charmelle October 14, 2016

Lesbian couple Lou and Cadence have come to long-time porn producers Dave and Bobby because they’re looking for a stunt cock to donate his sperm to Cadence, who wants to get pregnant. Evan Stone is to be the lucky donator, but first he sits to the side and watches as the two girls make love so Cadence can get in the mood. The luscious lesbians lick and suck each others' clits and rub and finger each other slots, and it has the desired effect of getting tattooed Cadence ready for some good, old fashioned boy-girl boning. Cadence gets on all fours and mouths her wife’s wet twat as Evan pushes his hard prick up her pulsing pussy doggie style. He pumps the inked minx’s quim hard, and she turns over to continue receiving the deep vagina-stuffing in missionary position, with her head in Lou’s lap. The stud pounds away at Cadence’s tight fuck-hole, thrusting and probing with ever more vigor until he finally orgasms deep in her waiting womb. Senior citizen Dave is so impressed that he pronounces the proceeding to have been “historic,” and he sends everyone home with the knowledge that they’ve just witnessed an event of great importance. Easy now, Dave; your doctor’s warned you about getting too excited…

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Vinna Reed October 7, 2016

Long haired blonde Vinna likes fucking other guys in front of her husband, but hubby’s not so thrilled about it. She says she doesn’t care, though, so it’s off to the races when porn producer Giorgio’s assistant starts kissing on and groping Vinna. The dude’s big dick soon makes its appearance, and Vinna can hardly wait to get the engorged organ into her salivating mouth. She sucks on the tumescent tool as her hapless husband looks on and then lays back with her head in her spouse’s lap as the stud applies a thorough licking to her tasty quim. Then the stranger pushes his stiff cock into her moist pussy and proceeds to pound his meat in and out rapidly as Vinna’s husband stares at the spectacle. Next, the over-sexed assistant sits on the sofa next to hubby and the willful wife climbs on top of the guy’s stiff schlong so she can ride reverse cowgirl style. The guy pounds Vinna’s creamy cunt hard and then bends her over so her head is again in her husband’s lap and slams his swollen prick right back up her wet twat. He bangs away at the tawdry tart’s slit in doggie position before deciding he’s ready to cum and jacking himself off onto her tongue. Vinna blows spermy kisses to her spouse as he as gawks as her uncomprehendingly, and our little tale comes to an end.

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