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Vanessa Hell August 26, 2016

Long-haired, blond cougar Vanessa and her younger boyfriend Karol are at Giorgio’s studio to shoot a porn scene, but Vanessa is taken with Giorgio’s assistant Mitch, whose body makes her horny. The unfortunate Karol is relegated to the role of mere spectator as his unfaithful girlfriend decides to do the scene with Mitch instead. Vanessa pulls studly Mitch’s stiff cock out of his pants, wraps her red lips around it, and works it in and out of her salivating mouth. Karol just buries his head in his hands as the sexy slut next sits down on Mitch’s massive meat and rides him reverse cowgirl style. But poor Karol ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Vanessa moves the guy’s thick prick from her moist cunt to her tight asshole, and she commences pumping the slick shaft up and down in her clenching rectum. She sucks the big dick ass-to-mouth and then turns around to resume the frenzied fucking of her pussy and butthole in cowgirl position, with her miserable boyfriend unable to do anything but watch. The tempting tart next bends over and once more takes the rigid ramrod up her twat and bum, one after the other, with Mitch pumping away from behind. To finish off, Vanessa has the assistant beat off onto her face, and she plays with the cum as Karol just shakes his head in disbelief.

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Veronica Avluv August 19, 2016

Veronica and Paul feel that the passion has gone out of their thirteen-year marriage, so they’ve come to geriatric porn producer Dave in search of the obvious solution: Veronica getting her cunt railed by a professional porn stud. Marco Banderas is on hand to do the honors, and he sets about his business without delay. First, the horny MILF pulls out Marco’s stiff cock and gives him a wonderful blowjob as her husband looks on with enthusiasm. Then the porn stud lays down, and Veronica climbs aboard to slip his slick dick in her yearning pussy and ride him with intensity. The greasy pole goes in and out of the slutty cougar’s quim with rhythmic strokes, and hubby Paul gets a real eye full. The feverish fucking continues in too many positions to count as the priapic pair hump their way all over the bed: missionary, doggie, spoon, you name it! In each one, the wanton wife gets her overworked twat reamed hard and deep by Marco’s energetic erection, and Paul watches with quiet satisfaction. Finally, the porn pro jacks cum onto Veronca’s outstretched tongue, and everyone goes home happy.

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Sylvi Wayne August 12, 2016

Huge-titted MILF Sylvi has come to Giorgio’s studio to fuck a porn stud, but her husband Stas knows nothing about it and is totally blindsided. He can’t believe his eyes as she pulls out her enormous naturals and both Giorgio and the porn guy play with her titanic titties. But she’s just warming up! The stud’s massive meat comes out, and Sylvi gets down to work sucking on it. She fellates the cock with her salivating mouth and then presses it between her massive mounds for some tit-fucking. Next she bends over the sofa and takes the big baton up her moist twat as her hubby disbelievingly looks on. The dude sits down, and the busty cougar climbs aboard his stiff phallus for a hard ride in reverse cowgirl position, her sensitive pussy getting reamed like never before and her big boobs flopping like crazy. Next, the zaftig slut lays back, and the porn pro continues to plow her slick slit missionary style, his rigid wood sliding in and out, in and out. Poor Stas can’t even bring himself to watch when the stiff-dicked stranger finally decides he can wait no longer and beats off onto Sylvi’s waiting tongue. She spits the cum onto her oversized melons as her depressed and disillusioned husband tries to think of where he can find a good divorce lawyer.

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Joana White August 5, 2016

Married cougar Joana has come to Giorgio’s studio because she wants to fuck a black guy, but her husband Edward doesn’t like it at all. Wives always get their way, though, and black Mike enters the scene to provide the ebony penis needed for the job, and an awfully big one at that. Mike gets Joana part way out of her dress and on her knees and stuffs his huge baton between her salivating lips. She sucks the massive pole with evident glee before sitting right down on top of Mike’s hard shaft and riding it while facing the camera. The dark dong penetrates deep into the mature slut’s white pussy, and the pumping is merciless as the frowning Edward looks on. The tawdry tart turns around and continues banging the black bone in reverse cowgirl position before Giorgio orders a transition to doggie, and the passionate pussy-reaming goes on without let up. Then the randy MILF flips over and lays her head in her husband’s lap as the ebony stud crams his throbbing stick back into her dripping twat. Mike’s ready to cum now, so Joana returns to her knees, and he beats off into her mouth. Nasty Joana tries to give her hubby a spermy kiss, and he takes off running! That’s okay, she says, she’ll come back with a NEW husband and do it all again.

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Sasha Zima July 29, 2016

Wedded couple Sasha and Peter have a perfect marriage: Sasha likes to fuck big dicks, and Peter likes to watch her do it. They’ve asked porn producer Giorgio set something up, and the randy Italian has everything ready. Sasha slowly removes her clothing with Giorgio’s encouragement, and then in comes what the mature tart has been waiting for: a guy with a huge erection. Peter admits he’s envious of the stud’s enormous dick as his wife starts sucking on it. She works her lips all over the massive thing, and then turns around to offer her moist cunt to the obliging stud. He slams his stiff staff into her twitching twat and pounds it in and out with reckless abandon as the hapless husband looks on in awe. The slut get fucked on her knees on the sofa, and then the well-hung dude sits down, and Sasha rides his massive sausage in reverse cowgirl position. She turns around and continues to get her wet coozie reamed out cowgirl style and then lays on her back with her head in Peter’s lap while the big-dicked stud pump-fucks her pulsing pussy the missionary way. For the climax, the stud jacks his jizz into Sasha open mouth, and she swallows it while taking care to make sure hubby can see. “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Giorgio reminds us as the scene ends.

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Lucy Angel July 22, 2016

George’s wife Lucy is always talking about wanting to fuck another guy and now he’s brought her to Giorgio’s studio so she can have the opportunity. Lucy shows off her big natural tits, and then Giorgio’s big-dicked porn stud-in-residence gets down to business. As George videos the two of them with his smartphone, the porn pro puts Lucy on her knees, jams his huge cock into her waiting mouth and pumps his stiff prick in and out between her salivating lips. The guy then lies down on the sofa, and the mature slut climbs aboard so he can slam his sizeable schlong deep into her moist vagina. Her husband kneels down and looks his wife right in the face as she bounces up and down on the stranger’s thick shaft. Then Lucy turns around and rides the stud in reverse cowgirl position, and George approvingly watches the action as the fat fuck-pole cleaves his wife’s quivering cleft. The porn dude now slides the libidinous cougar onto her side and continues fucking her spoon style before finally pulling out and jacking off onto her outstretched tongue for the messy finale.

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Tacori Blu July 15, 2016

Aging porn producer Dave asks Asian couple Tacori and Vince onto his set, and Vince tells Dave that his wife is a “freak” who wants to get fucked in the ass by a porn star. Dave just happens to have big-dicked Ramon off camera and ready for action, so the stud enters the scene and pulls Tacori’s large tits out of her dress so he can suck on them. Ramon sits down on the sofa, and Tacori unbuckles his pants so she can get her hands and mouth on his bulging boner. As her husband proudly looks on, she wraps her lips around the fat penis and works it up and down. Then the Asian slut climbs onto Ramon and guides his manhood into her moist twat, riding it hard and fast with her ass toward the viewer. She turns around and keeps the dick pumping in and out of her sloppy cunt reverse cowgirl style before leaning on her side and taking Ramon’s glistening gland into her lubricated asshole in spoon position. The porn pro reams out her rectum with vigor before putting Tacori on her knees and continuing to pump her pooper from behind with his hardened hammer. At last, Ramon jacks off on the married tart’s ass, and her turned-on hubby announces that he’s going sodomize her himself later.

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Brittany Lawrence July 8, 2016

Brittany’s tired of her husband Thomas fucking all her prettiest girlfriends, so she’s decided to get even by fucking a black guy and making Thomas watch the whole thing. She’s dragged Thomas along to Giorgio’s studio, and, after interviewing the couple, Giorgio brings in black Mike. Brittany gets down on her knees and starts sucking the guy’s ebony cock as Thomas is relegated to being a spectator. Mike lays back on a futon, and Brittany climbs aboard so she can take the dark dick in her wet pussy and ride it in cowgirl position. Then Brittany bends over onto Thomas’s lap as the black stud rams his stiff pecker back up her sloppy twat and then shifts it into her tight, clenching asshole. He sodomizes her doggie style, pausing to gape her and make her so a little ass-to-mouth, and then flips the slutty wife onto her back as he continues to probe her cunt and ass with his feverish fuck-pole. Finally, Mike puts Brittany back on her knees and jacks off onto her tongue. She shows her husband the cum on her face as Mike thanks Thomas for letting him fuck his white wife.

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Uma Thompson June 24, 2016

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Mariah Silver June 17, 2016

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Lina Arian June 10, 2016

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Kirshley Swoon June 3, 2016

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Maggie Green May 27, 2016

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Cathy Heaven May 20, 2016

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Nataly Real May 13, 2016

Nataly and Paul have been married for only one week and already they’re at Giorgio’s porn studio because Nataly wants to fuck other guys. Some women are just hard to please, I guess! Giorgio’s assistant Max is more than happy to scratch Nataly’s itch, so to speak, so she lays her head back against her husband, and studly Max gets down to business by eating out Nataly’s primed and ready cunt. He runs his tongue over her clitoris and pussy lips, and she gasps with pleasure as hubby Paul looks on with a frown. Next, Nataly drops to her knees, and Max sticks his massive dick into her pouting mouth for a sloppy blowjob. Silent Paul utters not one word of protest as the stud sits on the sofa beside him, pulls Nataly on top, and pushes his prick up her luscious love-hole. She rides the dude hard in reverse cowgirl position—her nice, natural tits bouncing all over the place. Then Nataly turns around to face her impassive husband and continues getting her twitching quim reamed out by Max’s sizeable salami cowgirl style before being bent over and fucked from behind in doggie position. Nataly lies back and again takes the hard shaft deep into her creamy slot, this time missionary style—in and out, harder and harder. Husband Paul watches helplessly as, finally, Max jacks off onto Nataly’s waiting tongue, and he accuses his wife of not really loving him. How could he think such a thing?

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