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Latoya Devi

Laytoya hit the genetic jackpot, as her Turkish and Persian bloodlines have created a tall, statuesque lovely, with golden caramel skin, jet black hair colored with blond streaks, perfectly formed round firm breasts, and a body to die for. Apparently, despite being married, she has an insatiable need to be fucked by big black dicks, which her reluctant hubby has finally agreed to allow her fulfill. So we send in Mike, our resident black stud, with his inky black horse cock, to give her what she wants. Seeing his jumbo sized package, her eyes get as big as saucers, overflowing with excitement as she falls to her knees in front of him and she savors sucking his giant kielbasa for all she’s worth. With her eyes being bigger than her throat, she struggles to take in every gagging inch of this jet black dinosaur dick, which is a jaw-dropping sight to behold. Wanting to dive into her other hungry holes, our horny hunk bends her over into doggie to drill her with his mammoth member, and he enjoys the view of her tight round ass as she reaches back between her legs to fondle his big black balls, moaning and groaning in sybaritic reverie as he pounds her with hurricane force. Testing her rodeo worthiness, Mike mounts her on his jet black obelisk of lust, and she gallops towards Elysian Fields in cowgirl as if her life depended on it, moaning in satiated fulfillment with every forceful thrust. Continuing to pulverize her pretty, closely-cropped pussy, Mike lays her down in missionary so he can lay some serious big black pipe up her cave of carnal delights while her husband watches this donkey dick stretch her pretty honey trap asunder. Mike shows no mercy, thrusting so hard that I thought the head of his ginormous meat saber would poke out her mouth at any second, but her eyes rolling back in ecstasy, accompanied by her moans of encouragement, prove this is just what this exotic beauty needs. Wanting to sample every hole, Mike pulls out of her honey pot and slips into her backdoor, with his weapon of ass destruction assaulting her anal alley with his own brand of shock and awe. Seeing how much she gets off on it, he puts her in doggie to continue the anal assault with his gargantuan monster cock, and, like the bitch in heat that she is, she throws herself back onto his powerful pecker to meet his every explosive thrust, begging for more until he finally succumbs to her hungry holes by leaving a creampie in her anal oven. After her gaping asshole reveals the creamy deposit that he’s left behind, Mike slips right back into her pussy to pump her for all he’s worth until he lets loose a second internal geyser of goo shot deep up her love canal. Watching both of these creampies slowly oozing out of her adjacent holes and merging together, they seem to form a perverse abstract artistic masterpiece.

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Alicia Jones

Horny Alicia wants to have sex with a black guy in front of her husband, and porn producer Giorgio is only too happy to oblige. He interviews the couple and has the wife strip before bringing in a porn stud with a huge black erection which Alicia can’t wait to get her hands and mouth on. She starts sucking the ebony shaft with gusto and then sits the guy down on the sofa next to her husband while she continues her steamy blowjob. Then Alicia climbs onto the stud and he pushes his big black pole up her tight white pussy for some reverse cowgirl riding. Then the guy puts her on all fours and rams her from behind as her husband looks meekly on. Next, the stud sits back down on the sofa and fucks Alicia’s twat cowgirl style, her pussy filled to capacity with his enormous manhood. Now it’s time for missionary position, with Alicia’s head in her husband’s reluctant lap as the black guy slides his massive meat in and out of her by now dripping fuck hole. To finish things, the porn stud jacks off on Alicia’s tongue, and she smiles with gratification.

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Jenny Simons

Jenny is a tall, slender, blond, tanned and toned slut with a serious case of jungle fever. She’s come to us with her reluctant husband in tow to watch her fulfill her craving for ginormous black cock with Mike, our resident burly black stud. After a brief intro, as soon as Mike joins them she dives down onto his big black dinosaur dick with the salacious hunger of a ribald gourmet as she seems to truly savor sucking his massive manhood as if it were the most delectable delicacy ever tasted. This Euro fox has runway model looks, with a gorgeous face, long shapely legs that go on forever, tiny pert titties, and a licentious wicked smile, and she transforms the act of sucking big black donkey dicks into a work of art. With his mammoth ebony tower of power fully erect, Mike stands her up, gets behind her and slips his whopping inky black weapon of pussy annihilation into her cave of carnal delights, driving her to the hedonistic happiness that she craves. Her hapless hubby looks awkwardly on as Mike sits down next to him as Jenny rides his humongous jet black dong in reverse cowgirl, impaling her pretty bald snatch on his meat saber and relishing the exultant waves of bliss washing over her. Jenny works that monster cock into her hot hole with unbridled passion, looking like a sexual Valkyrie striding towards Valhalla, with her eyes rolling back into her head, reveling in the rapture that is consuming her. Thankfully, Mike spins her around for a riotous ride in cowgirl so we can see what a supremely divine, heavenly ass she has as she gallops on his elephantine sable shaft to a euphoric benediction of beatitude. Showing no mercy, Mike lays her down in missionary with her head in her husband’s lap, and then, adding insult to injury, he asks hubby to hold Jenny’s leg up for him while he plows her sluttish furrow with fervent fortitude, pounding her into oblivion with his colossal, coal-black pussy pulverizer until he has his own violently explosive release, depositing a sizable creampie in her harlot’s hearth, which slowly oozes out in giant globs of gooey goodness.

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Kessie Shy

Kessie is a beautiful, red haired, tall, slender, tattooed, alabaster skinned Russian Milf, with an understanding Colombian husband who fully supports her need to be fucked by big black schlongs. After a get to know them chat, she strips and plays with her shaved snatch, readying it for the big black donkey dick that soon enters, and she wastes no time licking, sucking, and trying to cram every gagging inch of it down her throat. She seems to really get off on her ebony lover holding her head, fucking her mouth, and then firmly holding her head in place with his cock buried down her throat until she has to push off to breath, a domineering act that fires this submissive slut into overdrive. Seeing that she’s wound up and ready for more, he puts her in doggie, pile driving his monumental black steely tool up cock socket while her husband watches his wife throwing herself back against this big black crank like the insatiable bitch in heat that she is. After sucking her slut juice off of his horse cock, she mounts him, using his massive meat stick to pleasure herself, and rides him in cowgirl with the fervor of a slut on fire. Neither her passion nor her orgasms are quelled when she spins around to continue in reverse cowgirl, which is a spectacle that her husband really does seem to enjoy watching. Wanting to kick it up a notch, her swarthy paramour slides his big black mamba into her anal cave of carnal delights for some anal reverse cowgirl, which is like throwing gasoline on a fire, turning this slut’s burning passions into a raging inferno. He continues his anal assault in doggie, pulverizing her little bunghole with his ginormous black weapon of ass destruction, stretching her hole wide enough for some gapes that you could drive a car through. Unable to contain himself any longer, he decides to finish off in her pretty pussy, depositing a humongous cream pie in her hungry hole, and she lets the creamy filling slowly ooze out.

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Allen Benz

Although Allen may sound like a boy’s name, she is all woman, a tall, statuesque, dirty blonde whose husband wants to see her being fucked by a black man, so Mike, our resident black sperm donor, walks in naked with his big, black dinosaur dick standing at attention and immediately pushes her head onto his big black schlong as he shakes the husband’s hand to introduce herself. His humorous howdy doody does not phase her for a second, as all she focuses on is slobbering all over his giant knob, sucking it like her life depended on it, and doing her best to force every gagging inch of it down her throat until her saliva is dripping off of it in long gooey streamers. Once properly lubed, her ebony lover sits her pretty shaved pussy onto his monumental black obelisk of lust in reverse cowgirl, and he slams it up into her, making her shapely natural boobs bounce in sync with every thrust while her husband enjoys this carnal spectacle. When she spins around for some rambunctious cowgirl, you will be pleasantly surprised to see what an incredible, firm round ass she has, as that huge black Johnson is drilled up into her. Catering to her husband’s fetish, she moves into doggie, with her arms on his leg, looking loving and lustfully into his eyes as he holds her hands supportively while she’s slammed from behind by Mike’s enormous black jack hammer, making her scream in ecstasy. How romantic! Unable to resist that beautiful round ass, he slips his king-sized ramrod up her back alley for some anal excavation, which is so intense that it looks like her eyes are going to pop right out of her head. After blowing both their minds with his anal assault, it is back to pounding pussy in missionary for Mike, so that he may leave a colossal creampie in her cum bucket as a parting gift to remember him by, causing a lava-like wave of creamy goo to slowly ooze out of her.

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Zoey Portland March 24, 2017

Zoey and her husband have invited a swinging couple over for some fun. After a brief welcome intro, they move to the living room, where Zoey, a sexy, tattooed, blond vixen, strips, telling the other guy to lick her pussy while his wife sucks her tits. With her fire ignited, Zoey devours his cock, taking it balls-deep with ravenous hunger while her hubby fingers the other guy’s wife as they enjoy watching Zoey’s oral prowess. With no gag reflex, she gets off on being throat-fucked. Wanting to feed her other hungry hole in doggie, she has him fuck her like the bitch in heat she is. Mounting him in reverse cowgirl, she rubs her engorged clit while slamming her harlot’s hole onto his fuck-pole with fiery fervor, racing to multiple screaming orgasms. Spinning around, she continue her ride in cowgirl while their spouses masturbate each other, enjoying the show. Taking a breather, he licks her shaved honeyed hole before bending her legs back to pulverize her pussy in missionary with a ferocious, savage blitz, using his full body weight to slam his cock into her, making her speak in tongue and cum like a screaming banshee. Putting her back in doggie, he pile drives his beefy battering ram into her hard enough to give her a concussion, which is exactly what she wants, cumming so hard that the earth probably moved in the next county. For the home stretch, he has her suck him off until he fires a jet stream of jism into her mouth and all over her face, leaving her looking like a glazed doughnut.

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Luca Bella March 17, 2017

Luca’s a beautiful, tall, happy, sex-crazed 36 year-old MILF with tiny tits, an effervescent smile and mesmerizing eyes. She’s come to us with her 26 year-old husband to fulfill their fantasy of his watching her fuck a guy with a big dick. So, after a brief Q&A intro, we supply her with one, and she immediately liberates his mammoth monster cock from the confines of his jeans. Stunned, she stares at his horse cock with wide eyed adulation before sensuously sucking his savory sausage. Seeing what a fine round ass she has, he puts her in doggie to enjoy the view while he drives his oversized power piston into her with fiery fury as she screams for him to fuck her harder, moaning in a hedonistic reverie. Mounting his towering obelisk of lust in reverse cowgirl, she slams her bald harlot’s hole down to meet his impetus thrusts greedily, begging him to keep fucking her even after she’s exploded in a screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm. Continuing her wild ride in cowgirl, she gallops on his gargantuan fuck-pole to a debauched nirvana as a torrent of shrieking, banshee, all-consuming orgasms proceed to spew forth. Extending his pussy blitz in missionary, he slams his donkey dick into her with savage fury as she frenetically fingers her throbbing clit, writhing under him like a wild, feral, unchained beast whose rapacity is boundless. The more she cums, the more she screams at him to keep fucking her until he finally pulls out to fill her mouth with a load of his joy juice. I guess that’s one way to keep her quiet.

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Lisa Blacked March 10, 2017

Lisa’s a stunning, statuesque, 24 year-old, tattooed European blonde with a toned, fit body, tiny tits, creamy white skin, sparkling eyes, and a smile. She’s come to us with her husband to fulfill their fantasy of fucking another man while he watches. After a brief intro, we provide a stud to fulfill their fantasy, and she dives onto his impressive member, sucking it with sluttish gusto, savoring every inch of it. Wanting to savor the view of her sublime ass, our stud puts her in doggie, driving his massive manhood into her bald honey pot with tenacious perseverance as she moans approvingly. Wanting to continue enjoying the view of her heavenly ass, he has her mount him in reverse cowgirl, riding his potent prick to a hedonistic Nirvana that fans the flames of her smoldering lust, turning it into a raging inferno. Thankfully, she spins around, riding him in cowgirl so that we can enjoy the view of her divine ass humping his jumbo joystick with fiery ardor as she erupts with a volcanic, all-consuming orgasm. Moving into the driver’s seat, he drills his dauntless dong into her in missionary with savage fury, continuing her moaning, all-consuming, convulsive orgasmic releases, which leave her intoxicated in a dick-drunk carnal reverie until, unable to hold back any longer, he fires a jet stream of jism into her hungry mouth. With her inner slut awakened, she tells her husband that she’s still horny and wants him to find more men to service her.

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Zoey Holloway March 3, 2017

Zoey’s a smokin’ hot, sexy, raven-haired MILF with a toned body who has come to us to force her husband to watch her revenge fuck on camera as payback for his infidelity. After a brief intro, we offer her a hung, muscular porn stud. She immediately whips out his donkey dick, sucking it with voracious, gluttonous hunger and expert skill. She impales her closely cropped cunt in reverse cowgirl, going ballistic when it’s all the way in, shocked at how good it feels having the biggest cock that she’s ever had. She frenetically fingers her large, fully engorged clit while slamming her cunt onto his fuck-pole with violent animalistic fury, screaming in orgasmic elation. She deep throats his monster cock, sucking her pussy juice off of it before he drills her hungry hole in doggie, making her legs shake and transporting her to an intoxicated state of reverie where she claims to be dick drunk. This slut is on fire, mounting him in cowgirl and furiously riding his potent prick with ferocious, fiery feral fervor, unleashing a torrent of screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. He continues slamming his dauntless dong into her hungry hole in spoon while she feverishly fingers her clit, and a monumental screaming orgasm that probably registered as an earthquake on the Richter scale erupts from deep within. Working up a load in missionary, he fires it into her mouth and all over her face, leaving her looking like a glazed donut. Grabbing her hubby, she kisses him, smearing her cum covered lips all over his to get even.

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Klara New February 24, 2017

Klara is a beautiful, hot, 41 year-old blond European MILF with a toned, fit, T&A body who has brought her reluctant younger husband to us to fulfill her fantasy of having sex with another man while he watches. After a brief intro, we send in a hung, muscular stud to quench her carnal cravings. She attacks him like a hungry she-wolf, and they rip each other’s clothes off while kissing until she’s naked, sucking his ginormous horse cock with the ravenous hunger of a cock-addicted whore. Laying her back against the hapless hubby, her beefy stud slides his gargantuan donkey dick into her closely cropped, honeyed hole, plowing her with savage fury as she moans in ecstatic approval. With her primal animalistic passions unleashed, he puts her in doggie, slamming his monumental meat stick into her with impassioned ferocity and making her moan like a bitch in heat, lost in the reverie of her libidinous desires. She mounts his prodigious prick for a spirited ride in cowgirl, displaying her gorgeous, firm, toned round ass bouncing on his dauntless dong. Spinning her around into reverse cowgirl, he feverishly fingers her love button while firing his hulking monster cock into her with ferocious, fiery fervor, triggering the release of volcanic, bone-rattling, screaming orgasms, which erupt from deep within her. Having done his duty, he unleashes a geyser of goo into her mouth and all over her pretty face. With a satiated smile, she resumes sucking his impressive prick, savoring every drop of cum that she licks off of it.

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